Bill Brennan - Solo Piano

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"Solo Piano is a gorgeous collection of music. It's beautifully laid out... a peace-inducing and meditative disc.... one of those albums that gets better as you listen to it; you begin to hear cohesive threads where you thought there were none, and the silences and breaks gain as much significance as the notes."

- Karla Hayward, The Telegram

"it's stunning. This CD makes you stop in your tracks. It seems like such a deeply personal project. It just makes me want to stop what IIm doing and "participate" give all my attention to it."

- Barbara Dickie, CBC's "Fresh Air"

"There's a haunting quality here of isolated horizons and a cooling vastness, a deliberate air of quiet tension that's inherently unique to our corner of the world. Brennan has scored the inner soundtrack to anyone standing on a chilly November morning, where emotions linger by degrees and haunt the lonely expanses we call home."

- Anshuman Iddamsetty , The Muse

".... comes from another end of the spectrum, or perhaps it is a different world altogether. Bordering on 'ambient', these soothing improvisations were just what I needed to get through some extremely stressful times in recent weeks. Modal and melodic, the gentle pieces exhude calm and a peacefulness that are 'just what the doctor ordered'. Waves of nostalgia washed over me as I was carried back to the time when I first discovered Keith Jarrett's "Köln Concert", although there is none of Jarrett's virtuosic busy-ness in Brennan's nuanced playing."

- David Olds, Wholenote Magazine

"It's perfect for those dark early mornings driving into work - Great to hear such personal music so beautifully played."

- Tom Allen, CBC's "Music and Company"

" it's beautiful!!"

- Heather Bambrick, Sunday Afternoon Jazz, Jazz FM91.1 (Toronto)

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